Monday, March 2, 2009

Short and Sweet

A few updates....once again sorry about not posting much last week I just really had nothing interesting to post about so I figured I wouldn't bore you with my uneventful life,but I'm back with some news.

We will HOPEFULLY have our wedding pictures by Friday of this week (if not next week) but keep your fingers crossed for this week because J & I (along with everyone else in our families) are VERY anxious to see them it has been almost 10 weeks since the wedding so we've had quite a wait but it will be well worth it! Priscilla is just the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion (you can check her out over there ---> in the links section under "Pretty Pictures") show her some love she's awesome!

On another note I have updated the blog a little bit with some new links and an about me section to hopefully maybe turn you on to a new blog or anything. And also to hopefully give you a little bit of insight about me as a person.

Anyways, we have offcially 6 weeks left of blackhawks and 4 weeks + 1-2 week wait for BOLOCIIIBravo so that is a total of approximately 12 weeks until we go home that is 3 months people 3 months! I can't stinkin wait!

I've also been shopping a lot lately I've found some nice things which I will blog about later this week. I'm also inspired fashionably by Chloe over at The Chloe Conspiracy, she dresses totally the way I aspire to dress and she's a freakin hoot! Plus she's petite just like me so she gives me some good ideas to things that would look good on our body type and she's cute as a button I love her red hair! Check her out! You'll fall in love too!

I've been trying lots of new recipes over the past few weeks and I'll be sure to post them this week also! I'm trying to get where I don't make the same thing every week I would like to make a recipe once a month if possible!

Anyways thats about all I have for now!

Later taters

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