Friday, May 7, 2010

Operation Beautiful Kitchen

First of all HELLO Ladies & Gents!

I am back from the long lost abyss of Radiography school! I am not done yet still one year left to go but it’s slowing down a little bit!  I figure that I might as well wind down school (& DEPLOYMENT!) with a major project!

What have I decided to take on you ask?

Well if you read the title you already know!


Are you ready to see the most awful ugly 80’s throw back kitchen in the world?

Are you sure?….

Ok here it comes…brace yourselves folks….

I dont think you can handle it…shield your children’s eyes!



Alright alright…enough of that ahem….

So here’s the nitty gritty down and dirty details…


Ugly light fixtures…



Down right horrendous cabinets….


Nasty floor (yes that is clean!)

IMG_2785  IMG_2784

& falling apart counter tops….

Okay so now that you’ve seen the ugliness in all its glory…

Lets discuss how we’re going to turn this ugly duckling of a kitchen into a beautiful swan shall we?

Budget: $500

To Do:

  • Paint cabinets and add crown moulding, trim to doors & hardware
  • Replace floor
  • Paint treatment to counter tops
  • New light fixtures
  • Backslash
  • Paint walls, ceiling and trim
  • New range hood

The Final Result (a mock up):


So over the next few days we’ll be discussing what is going to take place how much it will cost yadda yadda..

Join me won’t you?