Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Graduation, Marriage & Babies

I dont know about anyone else but there seems to be an outbreak of epedemic proportions of pregnancy these last few months. Every where I look there is another pregnant girl. I'm not saying that I don't like it I'm very happy for each and every one of them, but it's just crazy how many of my friends and friends of friends are popping out babies. Or maybe just the general population. OR it could have to do with the fact that I got to hold and snuggle the most beautiful little baby girl in the world on Monday. I wanted to take her home with me. Weighing in at a mere 5 pounds she was just breathtaking. I'd never held a newborn before (oh the curse of an only child & living far away from other family) and I swear I've said many times that I do not want children right now (and in my heart of hearts) I know that right now is not the time. But holding that little baby sure made me wanna throw everything out the window. I believe this is the start of my baby fever. Poor hubby.

Another thing I've noticed. Nearly all of my classmates from high school are graduating with degrees in a week. This my friends makes me feel somewhat behind. But I have nothing to complain about I FINALLY got what I wanted as far as getting accepted into the Radiography program and I'm married to the love of my life. No complaints. Just some things I'm noticing.

And lastly, oh marriage sweet sweet love. LOTS of those girls who are graduating are also getting engaged or their wedding dates are fast approaching. Once again CONGRATS to them! I had a TON of fun planning my wedding and I hope they do the same.

I don't know what this was really supposed to be about. I think these are just things I'm hyper aware of as of late. Sorry this post was kind of pointless.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Short Hiatus

& when I say short I mean only this week! I didn't post much last week because my brother in law has been here so we've been spending time with him. I'll recap on all of that next week. I have plenty of good ideas for posts coming up so stay tuned! I have to take this week off because I have A TON of school work to get finished up but I just have to make it through this week so once I do it will all be down hill from there.

BUT I did see this when I was taking a break from the endless pile of homework girls will appreciate it and guys it will make you appreciate the things we as women go through....

Monday, April 13, 2009

On the upside all I have to say! My dad went and turned in my papers for Radiography admission today so all I have left to do is register for my classes and HOPEFULLY that will happen on Wednesday at the latest Friday.

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Mine was alright I guess I was still VERY VERY disappointed that we didn't get to go have lunch with all of our friends, even though we very easily could have but everyone else was against it so we had Burger King....nice huh? After that we went and played around in the simulators on base which was fun. Then went and hunted for fishing spots for the boys. They did find me an awesome spot to take my final pictures for photography class! I'm VERY excited! But I wont tell you until I've taken them! While the guys fished the river I read Eclipse and I'm still not very far! I'm a very thorough reader so it takes me a bit longer than usual. I'm getting there though I'm very excited to get to Breaking Dawn!

The weather has been quite bad today but it is supposed to be nice for the rest of the week so the husband will probably take his check ride tomorrow instead. It's hard for them to see with NVG's on when there has been a storm or the clouds are real low. Which we have both today. So it's most likely a NO GO tonight.

here comes the upside:

WE WILL BE DONE WITH HAWKS TOMORROW! Hallelujah! officially 4 weeks Thursday and we will be heading home!

Heading to the beach this weekend most likely.....blah

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bummed & Dessert

Well you know how I wrote about having Easter dinner with our friends? Well that got squashed today because my husband's brother is coming to visit and we're going to the beach instead. I'm not exactly thrilled because I was really looking forward to having an enjoyable meal with all of our friends (please don't think I don't like my brother in law I really do!) So when I had to call the hostess and decline it broke my heart. I had already bought all of my ingredients for my cake I was going to make (recipe to come keep reading!) and I was just plain old excited.

Now don't get me wrong I like the beach and all that and any other time I'd be thrilled to go. But you know what not this time. I felt like I had something better to do that go sit and watch the waves come in cause lord know I aint gettin in that water. It's TOO COLD! Plus the weather is supposed to be crap the entire weekend so...yeah none too fun in my opinion. But I will suffer graciously as I have before. I was very sick the last time my brother in law came to visit and we went to the beach. I stayed locked up in our hotel room the whole time in horrible pain and drugged up. So my memories of the beach with BIL are none to fancy so it may be why I have a bit of a sour taste in my mouth about it. But anyways. I'll use it as a chance to catch up on some reading. I've been reading Eclipse (the 3rd book to Twilight) and I'm really starting to get into this one and I'm not far in so I'll probably get it done this weekend! Does anyone know if they are going to make a 5th book I want more I tell you GIVE ME MORE! I MUST HAVE MORE EDWARD AND BELLA!NOW I TELL YOU! (ahem ok I'm done sorry..)

Ok now onto the true purpose of this post besides me complaining like the 3 year old that I am... DESSERT! And not only like the yummiest dessert but one that hits close to home for me, I grew up with this dessert I would always get so excited to go see my Mamo and get some DUMP CAKE YUM! She would always make it for me and Oatmeal cake for my parents. I don't have her recipe but she showed me how to make it and it's easy a 2 year old could do it!

But instead of me just giving you a recipe and telling you what to do I'm gonna let one of my favorite cooks show you how! None other than Pioneer Woman! and if Pioneer Woman makes it then it is GOOD! You'll see!

Click this little link and she's gonna show you lots of pretty pictures and good directions on how to make this delicious masterpiece that I believe was invented by God himself and what better dish to serve on Easter than God's dessert!? None I think!

Click here to be taken to heaven!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Plate is Officially Full

Holy smokes (hahahaha this makes me laugh because my husband's instructor pilot says this when they are doing something stupid or going fast) has officially became a tornado! I have so much to do within the next 4 weeks it's unbelievable! Here is a rundown...

6 more photos to turn in for photography class
one more discussion board for film class
a 400 point paper to write for film class (final)
10 discussion boards for nutrition
1 more assignment for nutrition
3 more chapters for finance
and a project for finance

Military wise
Find a dress for the ball
Find a dress for graduation
Get the house packed up
Get everything weighed and figure out this whole DIY move crap

Personal wise
Plan and host a baby shower
Get everything ready for starting radiography
Get a buncha shots (not liking this!)
Get re certified in CPR
Get the rest of our friends wedding gifts before the 20th
Get baby gifts for C & J
Finish wedding movie and burn to discs for family
Mail off copies of wedding photo discs and video to family
Keep the house clean and orderly
Keep the guys healthy and fed
Go to the beach
Have brother in law down for a week or so

See lots to do but I'm happy because it's going to make the next 4 weeks fly by!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Anti-Military: Are you serious?!

In my entire life I've never encountered someone so un-American as these people. They are every where. Just watch the news! Your mouth will hang open just the same as mine did; you truly wont believe your eyes. I'm trying to deal with someone who is anti-military right now in my personal life and it is really no fun. It is hurtful to see someone so against a big part of my life.

I just don't understand who someone an American and someone who calls themselves an American be against the people who gave us the right to call ourselves Americans. I mean who do you think gave you the right to even let it be known you are against the military? Oh yeah that's right all the US Soldiers here now and all before them. If you really wanna get me fired up about something this one of those subjects.

How someone can disrespect the people who gave them the right to live, talk and walk in this country? I mean as I said are you serious? These people even have the balls to go to military funerals and protest right there at the grave site while family members are trying to say goodbye to their fallen soldier. Are you people insane?! They teach their children to hate the military too what kind of thing is this to teach our children to hate?! This goes on all levels and in the past for the people who taught their children to hate the blacks and Jews and Japanese and even today our children are predestined to hate people of Muslim and Islamic faith because we are at war with a Muslim country. When really in all reality most of these people have nothing to do with our soldiers being killed! They are innocent people just trying to live their lives.

I don't care if you think the military is wrong, or "baby killers" as I've seen them referred to. If it weren't for these kind brave people VOLUNTEERING to risk their lives for all of us then I shudder to think where our country would be today.

You may not agree with the principles that the military works on and how they run their business but do we really have a choice? Or should we all just bunker down in our homes and fight for ourselves. Have you ever seen a movie where there is a natural disaster? Who comes close after the medical personell? That's right the military! This isn't just the movies folks it happens in real life. Take hurricane katrina for example do you know who was responsible for most of the rescue of the people stuck in their homes and the delievery of supplies? Oh yeah that's right the military!

So my point is here instead of going around hating the people who fight and protect your freedom how about you walk up to a soldier the next time you see one and shake his/her hand and say thank you for what you do for us or better yet find a WWII or Vietnam vetern and tell them thank you and buy them dinner because Lord only knows what our lives would be like without those soldiers.

If you don't believe me about the anti-militarism in our country watch this video.

I have absolutely no words!

Easter Dinner

So Easter Sunday is coming up this weekend and I received a phone call from one of my good friends from my husband's unit inviting us for Easter dinner on Sunday. I of course said we would be there and it sounds like it's going to be loads of fun with good friends and even the Easter Bunny which is really my 9 months pregnant friend C in a bunny suit! Her little 4 year old just gets a big kick out of it every year!

We were asked to bring a dessert and some drinks. So I want your opinions what would be a good dessert to bring for Easter dinner? What is your favorite dessert? I want something lemony possibly because lemon just reminds me of spring and Easter is all about spring!

Leave your suggestions below!

The Army Wife Is Having A Give Away!

So one of my good friends The Army Wife is having a give away of Simple Green products over on her blog its easy to enter and free just tell her your favorite product and you are entered and if you post about it on your blog you get an extra entry cool deal huh?

I love simple green I remember begging my mom to let me use it when I cleaned my room real well when I was younger! The smell reminds me of pine sap. But the great thing is you aren't gagging while you clean with this stuff! Who could ask for anything better than that! I mean we all have to clean our houses ladies and if you don't well then EWW! LOL I'm a clean freak so anything that helps me clean my house better and in a more healthier way I'm all for it!

I have had every intention of switching to green cleaning products and getting CFL (compact fluorescent light bulbs) for all of our million light fixtures in our house when we return to KY in 4 weeks (here we go again with the 4 weeks baby 4 weeks! if you remember from my wedding countdown days) But if I win this will be an awesome start to my collection!

So hop on over to The Army Wife and enter it ends April 20th!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lazy Man's Turkey Lasagna

I whipped this up real quick Saturday night for the guys while they were over here playing video games and watching movies. It was quick easy and very cheap (ground turkey meat is cheap!)And also it's very yummy!

Lazy Man's Turkey Lasagna

1 lb. of ground turkey
1 large bag of frozen cheese stuffed ravioli
1 large jar of spaghetti sauce
2 cups of Italian style cheese mix from Kraft

1. In a medium frying pan brown the ground turkey meat until cooked through and no longer pink.
2. Bring a large pan of water to boil and cook ravioli according to the package
3. As soon as the meat is brown pour in entire jar of sauce in and mix well.
4. In a 13x9 pan make a layer of meat/sauce mixture and cover with cooked ravioli then sprinkle with cheese and keep making layers as you would a lasagne until all ingredients are used.
5. Bake on 350F for 15 minutes

Ruffled Feathers

So apparently I ruffled some feathers yesterday with my post. And you know what I don't care! This is MY blog where I can talk about MY opinions. Personally I don't give a flying you know what about anyone else's.

Something else people need to understand about this whole blogging situation is that it is PUBLIC FORUM anyone can search you on the Internet and find your blog. Google yourself and you'll find out! If you don't like people talking about certain things on THEIR blogs don't read them. If you don't like hearing other's opinions on things you post about there are two simple solutions to this 1. Disable blog comments or 2. Just don't blog at all. It's that simple.

I don't blog for my family or even my husband I blog for an outlet. I like to write and talk about important issues and share things I like with those around me. To me this is the way I go about it. Others are more private with their sharing but I don't feel that does me any good. I already know how I feel about things but I want others to know how I feel about things so I share on my blog.

I stand firm by my opinions about everything and what I posted about yesterday. I've had this discussion with numerous military wives and they all pretty much agree with me. The girls and I in my husband's unit who are deploying have all decided to get roommates or live alone except for C who is going to live with her mom as I mentioned the other day. And again as I said yesterday about C's decision I completely 100% support her. This is because I KNOW that every one's opinion is different that is what makes this world interesting. If you can't stomach someone else's opinion well then you have a problem. And also, maybe blogging isn't for you because believe it or not everyone is going to have an opinion about what you post about. If I didn't want people to know about my life and how I live then I wouldn't blog either, especially if I didn't want their opinions on it.

I know it is the own person's decision but I just don't think some of them look at the other options. But I don't care anymore about other's opinions. You are more than welcome to comment on my blog matter of fact I encourage it! But don't start drama have you paid attention to how old you are lately? This isn't high school ladies so leave the drama behind and grow up.

And if you have a problem with anything I just said well....just don't read what I have to's that easy.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Something I don't understand

OK I try to be objective when it comes to the military and how we live our lives as military families. Everyone is different I know...and everyone has different situations. But here is what I don't get, as soon as some of these girls husbands leave their homes for a deployment or even a school they go and live with their parents and abandon their homes they have built with their husband's completely. This is just astonishing to me! I could never do that! Our home is my comfort place. Yes, I see all of his stuff around me and smell his smell on the sheets and clothes but this is comforting to me.

Now, don't get me wrong I have friends who NEED to live with their parents. For example, our friends C & J are expecting a baby later this year. He along with my husband are deploying in the later part of the year. C feels she cannot possibly care for an infant alone without her husband so they made the financial (and sanity) decision for C and the baby to live with her parents. This will not only allow C to have help with her first months of motherhood but for them to save up some much needed $$$ for their future home. So this was a good decision for them and one that I completely 100% agree with and support.

But, I see these girls who just completely flip a lid and leave their homes and I shake my I know you are young and don't want to live alone, but there are so many other better choices than paying for something you don't live in! Do what I did and get a roommate. This not only solves the living alone aspect but you also have someone to help pay your bills so you can possibly save some money for the future. Because if your family is like mine we are not always going to have these awesome paychecks so we need to save save save!

Look, I'm not trying to offend anyone here. I'm just telling you how I feel about this. I'm 20 something years old and I have not lived with my parents for over 3 years now. I have no intention of going back. I'm an adult and I can take care of myself. Yes, its hard and yes it sucks when my husband leaves me for extended periods of time but I know I'm stronger than that. I refuse to cower in the corner freaking out because I'm scared to go it alone.

What I'm saying here is do anything but live with your parents yeah go visit but don't live there you have a home of your own. Don't let something that was once a source of pride make you a scaredy cat.

If you are a military spouse I want you to tell me how you feel about this subject I'm always willing to hear other people out. Comment below!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Everything is falling into place

I found out on Tuesday that I got into the radiography program that I've been working so hard to get into for the last 2 years so I can finally say hard work paid off! I can't wait to start in the fall! I feel so much better now knowing that I'm going to have a career to go home to!

Life is amazing!

5 weeks left until we go home! Even more amazing!

It's family day today for UH-60s so I'll try and have something interesting to show for it!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I LOVE this song

The end......