Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ruffled Feathers

So apparently I ruffled some feathers yesterday with my post. And you know what I don't care! This is MY blog where I can talk about MY opinions. Personally I don't give a flying you know what about anyone else's.

Something else people need to understand about this whole blogging situation is that it is PUBLIC FORUM anyone can search you on the Internet and find your blog. Google yourself and you'll find out! If you don't like people talking about certain things on THEIR blogs don't read them. If you don't like hearing other's opinions on things you post about there are two simple solutions to this 1. Disable blog comments or 2. Just don't blog at all. It's that simple.

I don't blog for my family or even my husband I blog for an outlet. I like to write and talk about important issues and share things I like with those around me. To me this is the way I go about it. Others are more private with their sharing but I don't feel that does me any good. I already know how I feel about things but I want others to know how I feel about things so I share on my blog.

I stand firm by my opinions about everything and what I posted about yesterday. I've had this discussion with numerous military wives and they all pretty much agree with me. The girls and I in my husband's unit who are deploying have all decided to get roommates or live alone except for C who is going to live with her mom as I mentioned the other day. And again as I said yesterday about C's decision I completely 100% support her. This is because I KNOW that every one's opinion is different that is what makes this world interesting. If you can't stomach someone else's opinion well then you have a problem. And also, maybe blogging isn't for you because believe it or not everyone is going to have an opinion about what you post about. If I didn't want people to know about my life and how I live then I wouldn't blog either, especially if I didn't want their opinions on it.

I know it is the own person's decision but I just don't think some of them look at the other options. But I don't care anymore about other's opinions. You are more than welcome to comment on my blog matter of fact I encourage it! But don't start drama have you paid attention to how old you are lately? This isn't high school ladies so leave the drama behind and grow up.

And if you have a problem with anything I just said well....just don't read what I have to's that easy.

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jessica said...

i feel the same way about blogging :)