Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Plate is Officially Full

Holy smokes (hahahaha this makes me laugh because my husband's instructor pilot says this when they are doing something stupid or going fast) has officially became a tornado! I have so much to do within the next 4 weeks it's unbelievable! Here is a rundown...

6 more photos to turn in for photography class
one more discussion board for film class
a 400 point paper to write for film class (final)
10 discussion boards for nutrition
1 more assignment for nutrition
3 more chapters for finance
and a project for finance

Military wise
Find a dress for the ball
Find a dress for graduation
Get the house packed up
Get everything weighed and figure out this whole DIY move crap

Personal wise
Plan and host a baby shower
Get everything ready for starting radiography
Get a buncha shots (not liking this!)
Get re certified in CPR
Get the rest of our friends wedding gifts before the 20th
Get baby gifts for C & J
Finish wedding movie and burn to discs for family
Mail off copies of wedding photo discs and video to family
Keep the house clean and orderly
Keep the guys healthy and fed
Go to the beach
Have brother in law down for a week or so

See lots to do but I'm happy because it's going to make the next 4 weeks fly by!

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