Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lazy Man's Turkey Lasagna

I whipped this up real quick Saturday night for the guys while they were over here playing video games and watching movies. It was quick easy and very cheap (ground turkey meat is cheap!)And also it's very yummy!

Lazy Man's Turkey Lasagna

1 lb. of ground turkey
1 large bag of frozen cheese stuffed ravioli
1 large jar of spaghetti sauce
2 cups of Italian style cheese mix from Kraft

1. In a medium frying pan brown the ground turkey meat until cooked through and no longer pink.
2. Bring a large pan of water to boil and cook ravioli according to the package
3. As soon as the meat is brown pour in entire jar of sauce in and mix well.
4. In a 13x9 pan make a layer of meat/sauce mixture and cover with cooked ravioli then sprinkle with cheese and keep making layers as you would a lasagne until all ingredients are used.
5. Bake on 350F for 15 minutes

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