Monday, April 13, 2009

On the upside all I have to say! My dad went and turned in my papers for Radiography admission today so all I have left to do is register for my classes and HOPEFULLY that will happen on Wednesday at the latest Friday.

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Mine was alright I guess I was still VERY VERY disappointed that we didn't get to go have lunch with all of our friends, even though we very easily could have but everyone else was against it so we had Burger King....nice huh? After that we went and played around in the simulators on base which was fun. Then went and hunted for fishing spots for the boys. They did find me an awesome spot to take my final pictures for photography class! I'm VERY excited! But I wont tell you until I've taken them! While the guys fished the river I read Eclipse and I'm still not very far! I'm a very thorough reader so it takes me a bit longer than usual. I'm getting there though I'm very excited to get to Breaking Dawn!

The weather has been quite bad today but it is supposed to be nice for the rest of the week so the husband will probably take his check ride tomorrow instead. It's hard for them to see with NVG's on when there has been a storm or the clouds are real low. Which we have both today. So it's most likely a NO GO tonight.

here comes the upside:

WE WILL BE DONE WITH HAWKS TOMORROW! Hallelujah! officially 4 weeks Thursday and we will be heading home!

Heading to the beach this weekend most likely.....blah

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