Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hair-apy Part I

I have been so bored with my hair lately (I have a love hate relationship with it honestly) that I've been considering chopping it all off to about just above my shoulders like I had it in high school BUT then I think about how long it took me to grow it out (2 1/2 years) and how I can put it up easily and do a few more things with it that I chicken out. My hair at this point is so long that it just hangs there like a mop. Boring and BLAH! So in my quest to find something new to do to my hair I decided I had one of two choices:

1. Dye my hair which I've really been wanting to dye it dark brown for a while especially after seen Reese Witherspoon in Walk The Line as June Carter Cash.


2. Find some new hair styles and see if that tickles my fancy.

So way back in October I had boudior photos taken for J. as a wedding gift. I had my hair done at a salon and I told the girl I wanted it like an old vintage pin-up girl would wear her hair. So what we came up with was loose wavy curls. Now what no one understands here is my hair does not EVER hold curl (not for very long atleast) but somehow this girl got it to stay AND to top it all off she curled it with a STRAIGHTENER!

In my quest for new hair styles I looked on youtube for videos on how exactly to curl your hair with a straightener and I struck gold!

Take a look, it seems so simple! This girl is funny.

After watching this I feel like I could possibly do this with a little bit of styling product and a good straightener. So tomorrow I'm going to head off and find a nice straightener and some good product.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a good straightener (not a CHI) and product?

I'll let you in on the results!

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WashedByTheWater said...

LOL. You have always been so funny when it comes to your hair. Good luck with it! Don't cute it short whatever you do. I like it long and I'm sure J does too.