Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Goals (a little late)

Katie over at Bower Power does this every month & I also saw Working Woman's Guide to Domestic Success (that's a mouth full!) is also attempting. I think this is a novel idea because it makes you think in shorter terms as far as time goes so that may help me because I have a hard time when I know a goal is going to take forever to accomplish. So maybe month by month will help out.

I started FLYlady with my bestie so I want to keep on going with that; having someone to do the challenge with me and keep me motivated is really helping.

Make a propetual birthday & anniversary calender (I have a lot of birthdays and anniversaries to keep up with)

Organize and clean out the closets & drawers of old clothes and donate them

Make a list of basic clothes that I do need and slowly accumulate those basics

Get all thank you cards written and sent out (I'm a horrible person)

Clean out the Ipod and update it with some new music

Run three times a week using Bryn's method

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Anonymous said...

i can't stick to Fly Lady for some reason. I guess b/c I like to do my own thing. his running method sounds pretty great. i'm going to try to follow it, also.