Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Back & We're Married!

Hi everyone sorry it has been so long but I just now had some free time to write since getting back home to finish up wedding plans have the wedding and go on our honeymoon, the holidays, and move back down to Alabama for a few more months, then getting "enlisted" (haha) into the Army (which I finally got done today!) I hope everyone will come back! I promise I have TONS of good stuff coming!

But just to hold you over until I can get started on all that good stuff I promised here are a few pictures.

Favorite picture from our wedding so far (from our lovely friend Kathryn)

On our honeymoon (in Cozumel)

And me w/my new military ID (or what I like to call "the freedom card")


kalen said...

glad you're back!!! i hope you start regularly posting again :)


jessica said...

congratulations on the marriage, the honeymoon, and the ID card!!