Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day $3 Financial Goals

Welcome to day 3 of goals week! Today we're going to talk about financial goals (btw I apologize for mixing up my days this should have been yesterday's post but owell!)

I have 3 goals!

1. Start saving to pay off my school loans: I am about $8,000 in dept for school which I know isn't a lot compared to some folks but it's a good chunk of change. My plan is to save enough to pay it off in one lump sum when it comes due a year after I graduate. I want to pay for it with my own money because I don't believe it's fair to ask my husband to pay it off for me.

2. Save to buy one of these bad boys! Yup I've been drooling over this camera for years now, and now that I am taking a photography course and I'll actually know how to use a camera the correct way by the end of it, I want a nice camera. I don't want it for professional reasons, I want it just for personal reasons. Just because I love to take nice pictures.

3. Make better financial decisions in a rough economy! Next time I go grocery shopping or clothes shopping or any kind of shopping for that matter I plan to ask myself a few questions: 1. Do I REALLY need that new shirt or magazine, 2. Could I do without it? 3. Would I actually use or wear what I'm purchasing enough to makeup for the price?

I have these goals because in middle to late 2011 we plan on buying (or building) a new house so we need to save our $$$ for the mortgage, fixing up the town house so we can rent it out, and new furniture and decor!

What are your financial goals for 2009?

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jessica said...

SAVINGS PLAN! that's the best choice we made during deployment. always look into that!