Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day # 1: Health & Beauty

Welcome to day one of goals week here at He + Me = We, today we're going to take a look at my goals as far as my health and outward appearance go.

1. Exercise more and get into a routine for exercising: this is because I am basically a couch potato right now, the most I do all day is clean and go to the grocery store. Most of my day is spent on a comfy couch or in a chair doing school work. And even though I may be a mere 90 pounds (I'm 5'1") I have began to see the changes in my body from when I was in high school and I really don't like it so in order to fix that I'm going to start exercising more (hopefully with a friend) and now that I have access to a free gym on post I wont be able to have the excuse of "it costs too much money".

2. Always look presentable no matter what you are doing that day: this comes from my friend Christena, no matter what at the drop of a hat she is ready to go anywhere and even when I just drop by her house she looks great even if she's been sitting around the house all day her hair is done she is wearing nicer clothes (not her pajamas) and she has shoes on and her makeup is done so she's ready to go no matter when or ready for company. I need to be like that, she says it makes you feel better about yourself when you know you look better and you aren't embarrassed when the post man shows up to the door unexpectedly with a package.

3. Floss every day: this needs no explanation it just needs to be done more often

4. Drink more water: once again I don't think this needs any explanation

5. Eat healthier well balanced meals: Lets face it I don't eat the best foods and to me the best foods are fried and greasy. I know subconsciously that it is bad for me but consciously I'm saying "oh it tastes so good" I need to eat more fruits, and veggies. I'm hoping to learn more about healthy eating by taking a nutrition class this semester.

6. Don't buy one more fashionable item of clothing before I develop a "basic wardrobe": OK I know you have all seen Tim Gunn's show on Bravo (even I who doesn't have TV has seen it before)well he has a list and just about every other fashion "pro" out there has their opinion of what every girl should have in their closet, 90% should be basics and only 10% should be fashionable. So I'm going to go through my clothes and get rid (donate) the old things and start adding new things and this will hopefully give me the gumption to get up every morning and put on some real clothes because I will actually love my clothes and the way my clothes look on me!

Well that's it for day one! What are some of your health and beauty goals for 2009 I'd love to hear them!

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