Monday, October 6, 2008

Life, Death & The Whole Crazy Thing

Well I am officially back from my "vacation" in Kentucky.

I had a wonderful time at my shower and getting to see everyone in my family. I also had a lot of fun getting made up with two of my bridesmaids after my shower and learning how to apply makeup the correct way. I had 2 bridal makeup consultations with my fab Mary Kay lady Hilary this past week and it was just so much fun. She also did my makeup for my boudoir pictures and it was so fun I felt like a 50's movie star! I can't wait to see the pictures in about 3 weeks YAY!

Sadly after returning back to Alabama me & J. seemed to receive one thing of bad news after another. Saturday we found out that his dad's father passed away Friday night. It came as quite a shock because no one was expecting it, it just happened. Even worse, is since the funeral is during the week J. will not be able to attend the funeral which really tears him apart, but his family understands the circumstances. With him being deployed in less than a year we cannot have him washed back to another class because of time constraints he just wouldn't be done in time to deploy with his unit.

Then yesterday night I received a phone call from my roommate and bridesmaid Amy telling me that a husband & wife couple that were friends of ours were in a car accident and the wife passed away from her injuries on impact. It was just utterly shocking I just did not know what to say. I couldn't even speak. The husband is barely scathed so he'll be fine, but I'm sure his heart is in a million pieces after his wife's death.

So please pray for the families of these two wonderful people, also pray that they are no longer hurting or suffering and for God to ease the hurt and grief of their family members.

Until tomorrow....

I promise to have something happier

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Kay said...

sorry again about your horrible losses, sweetie. but you looked beautiful before AND after your makeovers and i hope you all find simple joy to keep your spirits up.