Monday, October 13, 2008

I think I found it!

In my post below I asked for everyone's opinions on 3 necklace's for the wedding and I was pretty sure I'd go with one of them, but being true to myself I kept digging around looking for something just perfect.

Well I really liked this one

but then I found this one...

They are both fairly similar and the 2nd one may solve my problem of worrying that it might get stuck down in my dress or be too long. The only thing is that the 2nd one is alot more expensive than the first one. The first necklace was a set and costs $28 for the set. The second necklace is just the necklace and is $54.

Does any one want to help convince me that it is ok to spend that much money on a necklace that I will only wear one time?

If I did go with this necklace I would go with simpile diamond (cubic zirconia) earrings that I already own. Opinions? Anyone?

Oh PS: J. got approved to leave the 19th so we'll be in the clear YAY!

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Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs said...

Who says you will only wear it once? Maybe you will have a fancy event that you could wear it to and remember your wedding...

You could also wear those earrings a lot...I would splurge!