Monday, October 27, 2008

I have a confession

I wear children's shoes, yup you read that right folks. My feet are so small they don't even fit into the smallest women's size 5 (unless they are made really really small or are boots or flip flops).

So you ask how do you find shoes that don't look too baby-ish. Well I tell ya it is hard! But sometimes I luck out at places like Payless and find things that are almost identical to the adult versions. But it is really hard I really love these loafers at Old Navy but guess what smallest size they come in is a 6 (which is typical) so most of the time I just do without.

Most of the time when I go shopping for shoes it is almost if not if as bad as when i go shopping for pants (that's a whole nother story for a whole nother day!) I just buy the basics that go with everything.

1. One pair of nice athletic shoes (this is the area I don't have a problem with)
2. One pair of black dress shoes
3. One pair of brow dress shoes
4. One pair of black flats
5. One pair of black boots
6. One pair of brown boots
7. One pair of red flats

This is literaly about the extent of my shoe collection. It really is sad because I see so many shoes that I love and that I wish I could make my feet fit into but no such luck. The one thing I do love about having such small feet is it is cheaper for the most part to buy kids shoes (especially athletic shoes).

This whole shoe thing really became a problem when I started hunting for wedding shoes. It really is an atrocity. The shoes that I thought would fit (Marisa from Davids Bridal * I pink puffy heart those shoes*) in fact do a long shot. So I have one of two choices.

1. I can try and make them fit with some sort of insole
2. Wear no shoes at all because guess what they don't make wedding shoes in kids sizes.

What a quandary....

But I have lately decided that I want more cute shoes. Most of the time when I hunt for shoes it's more about whether they will actually fit not whether they are cute or stylish (if I find cute, stylish shoes that fit I definitely feel I have hit the jackpot)So, on my hunt for cute stylish shoes that fit I have found a few websites that offer kids shoes that don't look too "kiddish" Great stuff but a little expensive but it might be OK if you could catch a good sale. Plus they have free returns and free shipping Some cute stuff and great prices just gotta be selective.

So does anyone else have my problem? What should I do about wedding shoes I mean after all it is going to be December when we get married!?

PS: My boudoir pictures are done I'm just waiting for her to email me the password so I can look at them YAY!

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