Thursday, October 9, 2008

I need help/opinions

OK I haven't asked for very many people's opinions when it has come to our wedding except my mom, matron of honor, and of course J (even though he doesn't give 2 shakes of a stick about what happens as long as I'm happy), but now I am truly stumped I don't know what to do. I'm having a hard time picking out jewlery to wear with my dress.

Here is a link to my dress.

Now I want you to imagine it in all white and without the stupid looking bow on the front all of that is gone.

At first I thought I wouldn't wear a necklace and that I wanted to wear chandelier earrings but the more I look at myself with them on the more ridiculous I think I look so I think I'll most likely go with a slightly dangly earring or studs but really I am truly stumped on the necklace.

The look I am going for is vintage. I have a cathedral length viel and my hair will be in an updo so my ears will be showing. I'll have my grandmother's brooch in my hair and my flowers will be white roses. One of my worries with a couple of these necklaces is that if it dangles it may be too long and get stuffed down into my dress. I'm not real sure I'd probably just have to try it on to see how long it is.

Anyway I'd love your opinions on which one you think would look best with my dress. All of these are sets so the earrings do come with the necklace but I'm considering the earrings below also. The sets are all the same price so that is not a deciding factor. So please help! I really really need it!

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Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:



jessica said...

#1. definitely. i love it! i can't believe you're getting married soon. and i can't believe that i can't be there :(

Kalen said...

i like #3.... :) it's almost a mixture of the other 2... i think it'd be perfect for your dress

jordan said...

ahh, i'm torn between 2 & 3 but i'm leaning more towards 3. i gotta agree with kalen - it'd go great with your dress.

you're going to be a beautiful bride!