Thursday, September 11, 2008

Make a list & Check it twice

gonna find out who is naughty or nice.

ok ok no not really! This post is not about Christmas or Santa Clause coming to town. It's about lists....ahh yes list. How I love thee!

You see, I have a lot to accomplish throughout the day so to keep myself organized and make sure that I get everything I need to get accomplished done I make myself a list of the daily things I need to do. Between school and taking care of two (or sometimes three) yahoos I have a lot on my plate.

There isn't much to it really but I have a few simple rules that I will tell you about for when I make my "daily list".

1. Do it before you go to bed at night, it helps you not lay in bed and toss and turn thinking about all the things you need to get done tomorrow and trying to make yourself mentally remember all of those things. So instead write it down and litterally forget about it, you'll sleep better trust me!

2. Go find (or buy) yourself a red pen or sharpie. Why you ask? Well ok when I look at my list and I see that I did something that I needed to do that day I put a checkmark by the task, but when I just do it with a pen or pencil I sometimes don't notice it, so I take a red pen and I make a BIG FAT check mark or X by it and that is like saying to myself "tadah look at what you did", it's like a hug or a pat on the back for a job well done! It's an instant motivator.

3. Put it somewhere you can see it and you see it often. I leave mine either on the refridgerator or on my desk because I see both of those things all the time atleast 20 times a day and it reminds me to finish that list.

4. Don't put too much on your plate. Don't be like me and get too ahead of yourself. Sometimes I like to think I can do more in a day than I really have time for and at the end of the day I don't have some of my things marked off I get down on myself and feel like I didn't manage my time well enough that day.

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I love this List List! I'm a huge Sharpie fan myself. I use a combo of both fine and fat Sharpies in 10+ colors to make my lists, complete with doodles and enthusiastic messages to myself, then I post them in my Flickr account. There is just something thrilling about reading other people's lists, I like to put mine out there when I can!