Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lesson Learned

***Warning: this post may contain R rated language, a long drawn out vent and is not suitable for children.***

Ok let me start off by saying "I should have known better". Why and what in the heck am I rambling about you ask? Well we MAY have hit a major pot hole in the wedding planning and it is a GINORMOUS one.

Our wedding date.

Here is the back story. Back in March after J proposed I started trying to find a good date for us to get married. I had always wanted to get married in the early spring/summer but knew with him in school and deployment imminent it was not possible to be able to pick a date that we knew he'd be home. So I continued to think and one day while driving home from work Christmas just popped into my head and I started imagining all the pretty christmas tree with white lights and candles everywhere and my girls dress in beautiful red dresses. So I called J when I got home and said "how about we get married while you are home for Christmas?" he said "specific date?" and I said "well how about the 20th of December" and he said "yeah that sounds good I will be home in plenty of time for that!" so I ran off like a bolt of lighting and booked everything within a week and I do mean everything (photographer, ceremony and reception site and catering).

I come down to Alabama expecting to get some dates in writing or atleast from someone who knew what they were talking about as far as when Christmas Exodus actually started. In the beginning no one knew anything. Then we started hearing rumor that it was actually starting on December the 20th (you see where this is going dont you?)

So now we're hearing more and more that it actually does start on December 20th. The rules are that you cannot leave until 5AM on the day that exodus begins. It is a 10 hour drive from Alabama to Kentucky. So if he left at 5AM he would get there at about 3PM (4PM KY time) our pictures start at 3PM and the ceremony starts at 6PM. This also means we could not have a rehersal and if we did it would be without the groom.

J. has been telling me from the very beginning not to worry that they WILL let him take Friday off so he can get home in time. But really folks I dont see that happening. You see, the Army has a tendency to be really BIG assholes. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Right now it seems they are the enemy until they proove me otherwise.

I also dont believe they will let him have the 19th off because he "should" be starting his primary aircraft at the beginning of December so he'll be in a class at that point. So he might miss something or lose flight hours, they couldnt fail him I dont believe but from what we've heard it is a pretty intense class.

So here I am left to wonder if I'm even going to have a groom on our wedding day. I mean I can't do this by myself! And I don't want a billion pictures of just me I want him in the pictures too!

Thinking about what could possibly happen that day makes me want to both laugh and sob at the same time. And knowing J. the way I do he will not ask what to do until the very last minute. And I can't do anything or find out anything because well I'm just a fiance' I have no power in the Army world as of yet.

So I wait....


Kay said...

i know this will be really, really hard, but try to take it with a grain of salt - it's nothing you can really control so you might as well just breathe and hold it out... and remember, everything happens for a reason so if the date ends up having to change, it might have been meant to be. i'm sure your vendors would be understanding considering he's a military man & all... it'll be okay, i promise! it's your wedding! relax and enjoy it


jessica said...

i think everything will work out. the army was kind enough to let anthony come home for us to get married. if all else fails, you could change the date. no biggie. it's enough time to let everyone know! they may change it the dates charge. like kalen said, because he's military. just breathe and relax!