Wednesday, September 10, 2008

100 Days & My Loot

Well it is offcially 100 days until our wedding day and I tell ya I cannot wait I'm so excited with each passing day the excitement builds. Although I have to be honest there is so much left to do I also start thinking "100 days!!!? 100 days!!? there is not enough time to do all of the stuff I have left to do!" but I know I'll get it all done! Everything will be fine....


Anyways as I said yesterday I went shopping today and I came back with some good stuff. And I didnt go into any stores that I didn't have on my list! After I show you what I got I'll tell you how much I spent.

First my new platter. I love it I originally saw this in robin's egg blue at TJ Max a few weeks ago but decided not to buy it then and I went back today hoping to find it but to no avail it was all sold out so I got the white one which to me is just as well it goes with everything!

Next, a new cookbook for the food lover in me. I had looked through this cookbook before and liked it but once again decided not to buy it because it was a bit on the expensive side but when I saw this at TJ Max it was just too good of a deal to pass up!

Now for the clothes....I needed some things for fall so I got a cardigan (in gray because it goes with everything brown and black) a plum lace trimmed cami and an ivory cowl neck sweater.

So how much do you think I spent? Well here is the breakdown:
Cowl Neck Sweater: $18.95
Gray Cardigan: $31.00
Plum Cami: $9.00
Platter: $11.00
Cookbook: $8.00

Grand Total: $77.95

Not bad if I do say so myself!

2 comments: said...

Great shopping girl! I *LOVE* that gray cardigan!

jessica said...

oh i love shopping cheap! looks like you got some wonderful deals!! wow, less than 100 days & so much to do.