Wednesday, September 3, 2008

American Pride

OK well the story is that me and J when to see The Dark Knight Friday at the post theatre. I'd never been to an on post theatre before until then and something I didn't know that they did was play the National Anthem before the movie started playing. I was a bit taken aback by this because well I just wasn't used to that happening in normal theatres.

But you know something...I liked it and I think it should be a normal occurrence, not just in military base theatres but everywhere!

Also, now mind you I have heard the National Anthem since me and J have been together but I don't know it was something about being around all of those Soldiers and their families having a good time together that just made it strike me a bit. But really this is what our military personnel are fighting for, not just our ability to be able to go view a movie whenever we want but to see a movie about whatever we want and the ability to do anything and everything we want whenever we want!

If we want to go to the park at 3AM in our pajamas we can, we can ride a bicycle in the rain we can wear whatever we please and speak freely about topics that interest us and voice our opinions.

So the morale of this story is....the next time you realize that you are doing something that you are able to do because of our country's freedom thank our military for keep it that way. Because without them it would not exist

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jessica said...

the first time i went to the theater on post, i was like "what, why are we all standing." then they started playing the national anthem. i looked at anthony, my heart filled with so much pride, that i cried before the movie even started. it's fantastic!!