Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bridal Shower

Well here is my first post that is wedding related and I'm sure it will not be the last...

My best friend and Matron of Honor and my Mother have graciously offered to throw me my first bridal shower which is on September 27th and I cannot wait! Not only because I'll get to go home and see my family and best friend who I only get to see so often now that we're a bit displaced as of right now (more on that later). But it will more than likely finally make me feel like this is really happening and it will mark the final leg of this wedding planning journey!

My MOH decided on a fall theme for the shower but didnt want it to be like too halloweenish looking or too bridal showerish looking so we decided on a color scheme of browm, gold, cream, orange, and lime green. I think it is a great mix of all the fall colors and it will be really pretty. She asked me to find some pictures of things that I liked as far as decorations goes so I am making this post mostly for her and for anyone else that may need some ideas as far as a fall party goes!

First a color scheme (which isnt pretty but hey I'm learning some photoshop skills):

and here are some of the decorations I like and should be pretty easy to pull off and cheap:

This banner is cute and you could use the fall colors and let it say bridal shower or congrats or whatever you like and looks pretty easy to make, you can also do a regular triangle banner with pretty scrapbook papers and yarn or ribbon I just couldnt find a good picture of one but Martha Stewart always has something like that floating around.

These pom pom things are so popular and over used but darn are they cute looking and thought they would be great to hang maybe over the gift or food table and they are pretty easy to make and cheap too all it is is tissue paper! Look up "tissue paper pom poms" on www.marthastewart.com

You said you wanted some flowers so here it is:

I thought this was perfect for the fall theme using pumpkins as the vase and maybe some white or cream mums or carnations inside them which are always cheap around that time of year :)

Everything else can be plain solid colored napkins, silver wear, plates, cups, table cloths, in the colors that i mentioned above which can all be purchased at any party supply wearhouse or garden ridge!

Well Amber my bestest I hope this helps you and maybe it helps someone else also!

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