Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Medicine Cabinet Revival

Our challenge for yesterday from Katie for the Fall Cleaning Challenge was to clean out the medicine cabinet & organize it.

Well I don't exactly have a medicine cabinet but we use the area under the sink to keep all of our toiletries and personal hygine products and medicines so I cleaned it out and boy did it need it!

Here is the before:


This is during & after organizing it into "his side" "her side" and "our side"

After all of this I still wasnt happy with the results so I ran to the dollar tree and picked up 3 white buckets to put stuff in and keep it from being so all over the place.
So this is the final product:

Not as pretty as some people's but it does it's job!


Laurel MacD said...

Gotta love the bins!

Diane said...

Gotta love those baskets makes organizing soooo much easier. They are everywhere in my house.