Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well here I am officially 22 years old. My Mom when she called me earlier asked "well do you feel any older?" and I said no not really after 20 it's just not that different. Except for last year when I turned 21 I could have a drink and no one gave me flack about it.

So I promised a look back at the year of 21 for me so we'll start with that.
November: On this exact day one year ago was the day that J. first told me he loved me. We had been dating for over a year at that point but him waiting made it that much more special.
December: My best friend from North Carolina came and visited us and we had our own Thanksgiving/Christmas at our house, and also a going away party for J. as he was leaving for Flight School that weekend also. Christmas came and went, nothing especially memorable about it.
January: J. left after New Years and I had to get used to not seeing him or even being able to talk to him again. Nothing especially memorable about this month either.
February: J. graduated from WOC school and I got my first taste of Alabama, I rode the 580 miles with his mom (which I was really nervous about). This is also when me & J. started seriously talking about getting married. He was home for Valentines Day and that is when he bought my ring, but told me I couldn't have it yet.
March:March brought spring break and I decided after fighting with my parents over it (they still hadn't figured out that I was a grown up) I was going to travel the 580 miles to Alabama to see J. for the week. Boy was it worth it because this is when he proposed, and I couldn't have imagined it any better. We also decided toward the end of March that we would get married in December so I got to work on wedding planning.
April: We decided in April that I was going to move down to Alabama with J. for at least the summer and we'd see where it went from there. I had also booked everything for our wedding at this point (by the first week of April) photographer, church, reception hall, catering and bought my dress.
May: I had finals the first week of May then I headed to Missouri to visit my family. The next week I moved down to AL. It was nice getting to be with J. every day and night again!
June-August:In June me & J. made the trip to North Carolina to see my best friend get married and it was so great I'm so glad we got to be apart of their special day, and I can't wait for them to be a part of ours! Most of the rest of the time through August I spent my time honing my domestic skills taking care of the guys, cooking cleaning. And making new friends.
September:The very last week of September I made the long trip back home for my first bridal shower, my mom and matron of honor (best friend) put it together for me and it was so great to see her and everyone else from back home.
October: Before I came back to AL, I had boudoir pictures taken for J. as his wedding present. It was a very empowering experience! One I'll never forget!
November:And here we are a year later. Alot has changed since last year. I've gone from a girlfriend to a bride-to-be, and from a girl who clinged to home to a semi-independent woman. It's hard to believe in a little over a month I will be a wife! I cannot be more excited to start my life with J. though!

The years just keep getting better and better! Even though they go by faster too!

Now for a little wish list:

Friends Seasons 3 & 8 (the only seasons J. doesn't have)

This dress from Old Navy in electric blue

These two bikinis from Victoria Secrets for our honeymoon.

These slipper boots from Old Navy

And finally, the skirt I raved about in a previous post! (It's gone on sale, glad I waited!)

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WashedByTheWater said...

I love your wish list BF. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday. Love ya!!