Thursday, September 10, 2009


That is the only way I can describe this week!

I had 3 tests this week (one Wednesday & two Thursday/today) and it was just a nerve wracking week. I'm so glad to be through with it! I only have class tomorrow for about 2 hours.

But the greatest thing about getting through this week is not that I'm done with the tests (there are always more tests) but it's that I get to go visit my husband for the whole weekend! I'm so very excited! I cannot wait! I'm leaving right after class lets out on Friday so I should be there by early Friday afternoon!

I do not think I can contain my excitement! I might not sleep very well tonight! Okay that's a lie I'm dead on my feet! Like I said I'm lucky this week didn't kill me!

Even better yet I don't even have to worry about school this weekend because I got ahead and completed all of my assignments that are due for online work on Tuesday night. So that is a big relief that I will have nothing to do but spend time with my husband.......*sigh*

The perfect end to the most hellish week ever!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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